Spinal issues of sitting for a long time:

Most of us work for duration of 6 hours or more. Of these 6 hours, you will most likely spend your time sitting in your chair. Now when you spend most of your day sitting in front of a computer screen, not only will you be stressed out, you will also risk yourself to various spinal cord issues. These problems will not occur now; they will all affect you few years later. Office goers might have a temporary remedy to this issue. Some might suggest frequently getting up and walking short distances within the office to relieve any cramps in the body joints. Some suggest standing up and stretching to relieve themselves of their tiresome.

Reclining Office ChairWhile all of these seem possible, there are only a few who actually do it. Others procrastinate and risk themselves to various problems relating the spinal cord. A disheveled figure is what you will be left with, in a few days time. Now nobody wants that right? There are few other methods in which you can reduce your risk of subjecting to spinal cord issues. You can either practice sitting erect or take a quick walk every now and then to make sure your blood circulation and the joints in your body are free.

Apart from these, you could try to improve your fitness level with a range of exercises like aerobics or yoga that help in making your poster better. In addition, these flexibility exercises will improve your body such that you do not easily fall prey to any posture related problems. Yoga helps in strengthening your spinal cord. Besides, it is also a great help when it comes to making your stress disappear. Apart from these changes, there are a few other things that can be done with the way you sit.

Change of chair:

You can obviously change a number of chairs and see which one you feel comfortable sitting. To start with, you can shift to a Reclining Office Chair that will make your comfort levels rocket up to places you never imagined. Though these reclining chairs are a bit pricey, they might be a cheaper version of health insurance. Since these chairs save you from spinal cord issues, you can rely on them.

Reclining chairs come in various sizes, prices and materials. For starters, there are reclining chairs that are made of normal cloth and cushion. The high-end ones are made of leather and give you a heavenly feel. Choosing a reclining chair based on the level of adjustment is important. Some chairs recline fully and some recline slightly; there are others that can be adjusted to any position. However, the best bet would be a chair that suits your necessity and your price budget, exactly.